Power bank – this word rings like music in the ears of smartphone owners. This device is becoming as popular as smartphones. We know that with a smartphone in hand, you have access to everything in the world be it games, music, directions, shopping, or any information. The smartphone is a powerful device until the time it runs out of battery due to continuous usage. There are several ways to extend battery life, like decreasing the phone brightness, turning off the Wi-Fi when not in use, etc. Mobile gadgets have improved by leaps and bounds, but the same does not hold true with the batteries. Though trials are on for having a bigger battery phone, so far it is not feasible. Most of the batteries don’t last even for a day.

People who are always on the move or in a field job suffer the most with this as they do not always find a plug-point to charge their phone when their phone battery dies out. This device is a saviour in all such circumstances. These external batteries provide instant charging for your portable devices anytime, anywhere.

Power banks are also very easy to carry around, and can charge the mobile gadgets several times depending on their capacity and quality. Recharging from power bank to a device is very simple; the user only needs to connect the device to it through a cable and then it starts recharging.

Ambrane’s Power Bank P-1111 with 10,400 mAh battery is brilliantly designed with extraordinary value and perfectly balancing portability with capacity. It is a perfect choice for charging phones or tablets. The robust power bank is also good looking. Some people may find the size to be a little big, but otherwise, with minimalist design and elongated octagonal shape, it is an exquisite choice.

P-1111 features two USB 2.0 ports one Micro-USB port and gives 5V/2.4A max output. It is compatible with most of the portable gadgets and provides charging for 6-8 hours. Special attention has been given to the safety by the manufacturer. It uses the most advanced multi chipset, which monitors the output current and shuts off when the current exceeds the maximum limit to protect the device being charged. Protection from short circuit, high resistance on excess current and also from temperature is ensured. This results in safer and longer operational hours without any trouble.

Compared to other power banks, this device has a relatively low self-discharge. Available in Turquoise Blue and Jet Black colours, this device comes with a warranty of 12 months. The LED lights indicate the charging status. This device is already available at a very less price compared to its performance, but if you still want to save some extra bucks you can use Snapdeal offers or even look out for deals on  other e-commerce portals on coupon sites like Couponhaat.

It is high time to say goodbye to all your battery woes and be the winner with Ambrane 10400mAh P-1111 Power Bank.

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